How To Get Started

The entire Nutritional Balancing Program, including the Hair Mineral Analysis can be done long distance via mail, email and phone / zoom / whatsapp. If you are not in our area, Atlanta, GA, we can still work together. Simply contact us with questions and learn how this program can help your specific needs. And we can go from there.

If you know this program is for you and you are ready to get started today, you can make a payment for your Hair Analysis in our shopping area. After we receive your payment we will send you an email with further instructions on how to proceed.


Adult Hair Mineral Analysis



Adult Hair Mineral Analysis



Child Initial Hair Mineral Analysis

(Initial or Retest)


Pet Hair Mineral Analysis

(Initial or Retest)


* All Hair Mineral Analysis includes a detailed review of results with clients over phone, zoom or whatsapp. Initial Hair Mineral Analysis also includes detailed explanation of the many aspects of the program.



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